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Learn everything you need to know about car insurance here. Find out more about policy fundamentals, insurance rules of thumb, claims, ways to save, information on coverage, and a whole lot more.
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How Do You Get Car Insurance?
Be prepared when you go to get car insurance. Learn exactly how to get car insurance.

Pros and Cons of Online Car Insurance
Shopping for car insurance can be tricky because of the endless options. Take the time to know the pros and cons of online car insurance before shopping.

Get the Best Insurance Rates
It is important to review your insurance policies at every renewal to look for ways to save. Insurance rates are always changing and it's important to make changes of your own when necessary. Learn great ways to save money and get the best insurance rates available.

How to Buy Car Insurance
Six easy steps to buying car insurance.

What is Electronic Funds Transfer?
If you are looking for a simple way to pay your bills including your insurance, find out what is electronic funds transfer.

How to Compare Insurance Companies
Insurance companies can all blend together. Find out what to look for when comparing insurance companies so you get the best policy possible.

Car Insurance Refund
Find out answers to common car insurance refund questions.

Insurance for Your Car
Insurance on your car is mandatory almost everywhere. Learn what you need to get insurance for your car.

Parked Car Insurance
If you think your vehicle it totally safe while parked, think again. Parked car insurance could come in very handy some day.

How to Lower Car Costs for Teenagers
Covering costs for a teenagers car expenses can be tough. Get ideas on how to lower the costs.

What is Direct Insurance?
Buying direct insurance is an option when shopping for car insurance. Find out what it is and where you can get it.

What is No-Fault Insurance?
Understanding no-fault insurance will help you through the claims process. Find out if you live in a no-fault car insurance state.

How to Insure a Leased Car
Insuring a leased car is easy. Learn what makes insuring a leased car different than a purchased car.

Is $19 Car Insurance for Real?
Have you seen $19 car insurance advertised online? Take a look to find out if it is real.

What to Do If You Think Your Car Insurance Provider Made a Mistake
Learn what options you have if your insurance company has made a mistake on your coverage.

Can a Seat Belt Ticket Increase My Car Insurance Rate?
Keep an eye on your car insurance rate after a seat belt violation. It could be changing.

Fall Insurance Tips
Some fall insurance tips will come in handy this autumn. Check out common fall claims, motorcycle storage, and more with this helpful list.

Are Online Car Insurance Quotes Right For Me?
To buy car insurance online or through an agent, that is the question.

Can I Purchase Car Insurance at the Dealership?
Have you ever thought about getting your car insurance right at the car dealership?

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