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How Long Does an Insurance Claim Take?


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Filing a car insurance claim can be an unnerving task. It can make you especially uneasy if it is your first claim and do not know what to expect. You might have all kinds of questions including how long should car insurance claims take. A functioning car is a necessity for most of us to live out our normal daily lives. Getting your car repaired quickly is a big part of what makes you satisfied with your insurance carrier. So, how long should a car insurance claim take?

It takes a team.

Insurance claims are not dependent on just one person. You need to be available to answer questions. The claims adjusters need to do their job. Plus, the body shop needs to be available to work with both you and the claims adjuster. It is a team of people which need to get a common job done. If one of the players is not cooperating, the whole process can get delayed. Without proper team work, a claim can really get dragged out.

What kind of claim are you filing?

  • Roadside Assistance Claim: Many insurance carriers make towing claims extremely easy to file and get reimbursed. Some will take care of the claim without you even paying out of pocket. If you do need reimbursed, it will probably take 5 to 8 business days to get a check in the mail once you turn in your receipt.

  • Glass Claim: Glass claims can also be handled quickly. Once the claim is filed you can probably get scheduled for repair with a glass company the same day or within the week. If you require OEM glass, it can take a little longer for the glass company to order and receive the glass. The actual insurance claim filing should be taken care of very quickly.

  • Physical Damage: The time it takes to repair other physical damage to your vehicle depends on the complexity of the claim filed. It is standard to receive your first contact with the insurance adjuster within one to three days of filing the claim. If an adjuster needs to look at the damage, it can take a couple more days. Using an insurance carrier approved body shop can speed up the process.

    Expect a cut and dry physical damage claim to take one to two weeks to get finalized. This includes coordinating with a body shop and getting scheduled for repair. If your car is drivable, you can drive it until the date of repair.

  • Medical Claim: Injury claims usually take the longest. Once you fill out the initial paperwork it should be out of your hands. The hospital and doctor office should coordinate directly with your car insurance personal injury claim adjuster.

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