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How to File a Mini Tort Claim


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Step 1: Get the At-Fault Party’s Information

Mini tort car insurance claims are exclusive to Michigan. Every Michigan driver should know what a mini tort claim involves. Mini tort and property damage claims are the only time coverage is provided by the at-fault party’s insurance policy in the state of Michigan. Five hundred dollars is the maximum paid out for a mini tort claim. Filing a mini tort claim can be difficult for an average driver who has never filed a claim before. Some people hire an attorney to help file a mini tort claim. It is not necessary; learn five important steps to filing a mini tort claim in the state of Michigan.

Gather At-Fault Party’s Information
  • Name
  • Insurance Company
  • Agent
  • Policy Number
  • Phone Number
  • Vehicle involved

If you do not have all the at-fault party’s information, it is nearly impossible to file a mini tort claim. Sometimes you are able to get the information off of a police report, but never rely solely on a police report. Often, the reports are not filled out completely with contact information and insurance company information.

Without the at-fault party’s information, you will not be able to file a claim. In Michigan, if you do not have collision coverage and you are involved in a hit and run, no coverage is provided under your policy. Review your declaration page or ask your agent what coverage is on your insurance policy.

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