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Florida Auto Insurance FAQ


Florida is a unique state when it comes to auto insurance. Florida is a huge tourism state and popular retirement state. With so many people on the go, it can be difficult to keep up with the car insurance rules. It is important to be aware of the laws whether you are just visiting or if you are a resident. Keep in mind, the laws of the state you are in are the laws that apply to the car accident at hand. Take a closer look at some common Florida auto insurance questions to help you save money and stay legal.

What are Florida's No Fault Car Insurance Laws?
Florida's no fault laws really only pertain to medical coverage. If an accident with injuries occurs, $10,000 of medical is covered on your own individual policy regardless of who is at fault. Meaning if your injuries are under $10,000 there is no need to go after the at-fault driver, your policy will cover you.

How Do I Get Cheap Auto Insurance in Florida?
Getting cheap auto insurance in Florida begins with knowing the basics. Learn a little more about Florida's state minimum car insurance and get some tips on reducing your overall costs. One includes getting insurance companies to compete for your business, hey not a bad idea.

Do I Need a Florida Car Accident Attorney?
Sometimes after a major car accident in Florida you will need to contact an attorney. An attorney can be a great source of information and get a situation handled before it spirals out of control. When fault of an accident is not cut and dry, it is probably time to contact an attorney. Check out when an attorney will most definitely need to be contacted after a car accident.

How Do I Get Affordable Florida SR22 Insurance?
What? Affordable Florida SR22 insurance, I didn't know that was possible. Well it is. We have some helpful tips on how to make it a reality for you. Get your act together ahead of time to ensure your rates do not sky rocket.

What are Florida's State Motorcycle Helmet Laws?
Are you thinking of riding a motorcycle without a helmet in the state of Florida? It is a possibility, but you had better make sure you are following the law first. Take a look at what Florida's state laws are regarding motorcycles and head gear.

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