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What is the Difference Between a Suspended License and a Revoked License?

Negative Driver's License Statuses


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Understanding the difference between a suspended license and a revoked license can be important when you find yourself in trouble with different types of traffic violations. The more severe your violation, the more severe the penalties can be. A suspended license is not the same as license revocation.

Suspended Driver's License

A suspended driver's license means your license is temporarily out of service. You cannot legally drive with a suspended license. A suspended license can be easily be reinstated once you have paid your fines and endured the suspension time period given to you. Licenses can be suspended for several different reasons and it can vary per state.

  • Unpaid traffic / parking tickets 
  • DWI
  • Unpaid child support

Getting caught driving with a suspended license will lead to more penalties including fines and possible license revocation.

Revoked Driver's License

A revoked driver's license means your license has been fully cancelled and it cannot be reinstated. In order to get a license again you will have to go through your state's licensing process which typically involves a written test and a road test and of course it is not free. Once you pass the tests, a new driver's license will be issued, your old one will not be reinstated. It is possible to have your driver's license revoked or even permanently revoked due to multiple driving offenses, medical conditions, and age.

License Status and Insurance

Your driver's license status is important when it comes to your car insurance. Having your driver's license suspended or revoked will probably get your insurance policy non-renewed. It is possible to insure a vehicle without a driver's license, but it is not easy to find an insurance carrier willing to do it.

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